Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Link Between Scent and Seduction

84% of men believe that perfume has the power to turn them on or off

Perfume arouses men on a very primal level. Pleasant aromas can actually stimulate parts of the brain directly connected to sexual desire---and that can lead to very lusty thoughts.

81% think a woman's scent could boost her overall attractiveness

He's already transfixed by your looks, but wearing a scent shows you're doing something extra special--and sensual--for him. In that way, fragrance can enhance feelings and emotions. It can even change our perceptions in the early days of dating.

42% say they have fantasized about a woman's perfume. 

Leaving a delicate trail of scent behind can drive him insane with desire. For even more impact, keep him guessing: for example, if you normally wear something floral, spritz a spicier blend on your sheets or lingerie.

35% would sleep with a woman because her scent was appealing

Since caveman days, the brain has been hardwired to size up potential mates simply based on scent. The body emits odours that spur us to hook up with fertile partners. 

How His Cologne Can Rev Your Engine

Sure, you can drive him crazy with perfume, but what about the impact his scent has on you? Smell is one of the first things you notice about a guy, and it can have a strong effect on your feelings for him. In fact, one study found that men's cologne, especially light, subtle versions, can enhance sexual physical arousal in women. Unlike heavy aromas, fresh men's scents may be best because they have "clean" notes women associate with getting intimate with a guy.

What Different Aromas Say--And Do!

Florals. Flowers like rose, lily, tuberose and gardenia have historically been associated with love and femininity. That means even men find a floral scent romantic.

Orientals and Musks. Intense notes-such as sandalwood, amber, and musk--stand out because they're exotic. As a result, guys associate these scents with mystery.

Citrus and Fruits. Fruity Fragrances can boost your mood since they're lively and energizing. Also, juicy aromas like berry, apple, orange and peach send out happy, positive vibes, which is always an attractive quality to guys.

Gourmands. Tasty scents like chocolate, vanilla, and creme brulee are comforting and familiar, so they connect to a man's emotional cravings. All the more reason why he'll want to nibble on you.

Finding the Right Fragrance

Choosing a scent is like picking out the perfect piece of lingerie--it's a tricky decision because what you go with can say a lot about your personality. Here are some helpful tips to make the hunt easier:

    • Shop in the morning. Your nose is less tired from sniffing all day and isn't saturated with other smells.

    • Don't eat spicy foods the night before browsing. They can make a scent smell more intense than it should on your skin.

    • Know your audience. Does your beau like spicy or citrus scents? Bring him with you so you don't have to guess what will turn him on.

    • Ask the salesperson for a free sample of a perfume and wear it for a few days to see if you really love it.

    • Scents smell different on everyone, so only buy a fragrance that you've tested on yourself.
    Source: Cosmo's Sexiest Beauty Secrets

    * Women were rated higher in intelligence and friendliness when they wore perfume on a job interview. Source: Journal of Applied Psychology

    Fragrance Tip:
    These two perfumes are guaranteed to lure any male specie: No non-celibate guy wouldn't wanna get near you when you wear these on!

    These colognes work like love potions on women. Two words--Love. Potion.

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