Monday, April 25, 2011

What Colour Should You Wear on a Date?!?

These are a few date tips from Tracey Cox's Pocket Superdate guide. 

The colour you wear on a date speaks its own language to the person you're with.

  • Black: I'm fashionable, stylish, and creative.
  • Red: I'm happy to be the centre of attention and unafraid of showing my emotions.
  • Hot pink: I want to stand out from the crowd.
  • Baby pink: Treat me gently.
  • Dark Blue: I mean business.
  • Light or mid-blue: I'm calm and focused.
  • Beige: I'm a little unsure of myself.
  • White: Notice me, not my clothes.
  • All white on men: I'm over 50 and to be avoided. LOL

The best part is, express yourself with whatever you feel like. There are no rules when it comes to fashion nor dating--it's all about having FUN! :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Dark under eye circles, blemishes, dark spots and lots of imperfections… Sometimes, you just need magic to make them all disappear… or you can just pop the holy grail of skin perfection--- MAC Studio Finish Concealer. This product has an opaque formula that literally diminishes the appearance of skin imperfections on your face. It can be applied lightly either by a concealer brush or by your ring fingertips. Set the face with a matte powder  using either a puff or brush to make it stay all day. If you have bumps, of course that bump would still be visible but the discoloration will fade away. This product is just a heaven-sent for those who have far from perfect skin which is 99% of the population. Not only that, it also has an SPF 35 to protect your skin from sun damage all day long! Check out a MAC store so they could match your skin and let you know of the best shade that suits you. Trust me; if you apply this product right… perfect, flawless skin is on the way—you wouldn’t worry about taking the most amazing photos without Photoshop!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The New Best Drugstore Mascara

Maybelline One by One Volume Express Waterproof Mascara

This is a brand new mascara from Maybelline that offers mega volume on your lashes while separating each hair without clumping. It is an absolute must-have in every girl’s make-up bag. You could expect natural-looking volumized eyelashes that is waterproof and budge-free. It dries on pretty quickly on the lashes and there's no need to wait layering in between coats. It is actually suggested to be applied on thoroughly until you achieve the desired fullness and volume. Get the blackest black colour for intensified definition.

Verdict: Awesome and innovative product that fakes natural and effortless thick lashes. Gentle and waterproof—does not transfer to lower lash line after a few hours. It's got an amazing staying power regardless of the changes in temperature and humidity out in the sun.


The Best High End Skin Care Routine:

Clinique 3 Step Program: 
Cleanser, Toner, Moisturizer. This combo package is the best that you could ever try on your face. Just a pea-size of the (liquid facial soap) cleanser makes your skin hydrated and super clean at the same time. Toner (clarifying lotion) feels a little tingly on your face once applied with a cotton pad. However, it significantly helps reduce the oil production and evens out the skin tone.The moisturizer (moisturizing gel) makes your skin super smooth to touch and uber light that does not clog your pores but makes it really soft and flawless. This is by far—THE BEST 3 step program of all time. Don't miss this one out! It might be a little bit pricey but the dramatic results, just after a few days, would justify every penny. 

The Best Drugstore Skin Care Product:

Garnier Pure 3 in 1 Wash+Scrub+Mask
This is the most convenient product you could ever purchase from the drugstore. You really get your money’s worth with a skin product that does three jobs in one. It cleanses your face if you want a quick fix on the go to freshen up. The scrub gets rid of the dirt and oil that gets clogged up in your pores. Lightly massage through face and concentrate on the T-Zone. Let is set on your face for a bit longer and you got a powerful sort of a clay mask that tightens up your pores and restores elasticity and radiance. This is a real must-have in every one’s skin care routine.

The Best Make-up Remover Fix:

Pond's Refreshing Cold Cream
It is always easier to take off the entire make-up of a long-lasting foundation, infallible lipsticks and waterproof mascara with a cream cleanser. I have discovered a few years back--a product that helps to take off the make-up without drying the skin. You will notice how fast you could wipe off the products with this formula using either a soft tissue paper or a warm wash cloth. It is purposely made as a light moisturizer but is not limited to that sole use. It is very effective in cleansing the face with a gentle formula. Pond’s cold cream is the best so far and if you have a real oily skin, it is good to consider the oily/combination formula; otherwise, a thicker consistency is designed for dry skin.

The Best Drugstore Refreshing Toner:
Garnier toner with astringent

If you are suffering from an oily skin, you might want to consider an astringent toner that actually helps diminish the appearance of large pores and lessen too much oil production. When applied, skin feels cool and invigorated after each and every use. It dries out the blemishes, refines pores and evens out the complexion. It's got zinc as an anti-bacterial agent and salicylic acid that matifies the skin and tightens pores.

The Best Undereye Product 

Garnier Anti-Dark Circle Roller
This formula helps reduce the appearance of dark under eye circles and de-puffs the soreness on the eye bags. It can be applied before you go to bed so it would sip in through the thin layer of skin under the eyes for hours. You can also apply this after your moisturizer and before applying make-up; or after foundation so it could act up as a light concealer. A totally worth-it product that works its magic in keeping your eyes fresh, bright and beautiful.

The Best Enzyme Mask 
Freeman Feeling Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask

Pineapple Masks works wonders in clarifying and brightening the skin. It’s got Vitamin C that leaves your skin feeling soft, radiant and beautiful. Allow the pineapple mask to dry on the face for a about 10 minutes and it will revitalize the skin from looking haggard and dull. This product has pineapple and AHAs that gently moisturizes the skin to make it look supple and younger-looking. 

The Best Lip Balm 
Rosebud Salve 

Lip balms are essential in keeping the lips moisturized and healthy-looking. Always apply lip balm before you go to bed and before applying lipsticks so lips wouldn’t be dried out and chappy after some time. It will make your lips looking supple and kissable in no time! Rosebud Salve is an all purpose skin preparation that helps relieve chapped lips and skin as well as diaper rash, blemishes, detergent burns and rough cuticles. It is also equally effective in softening rough hands. A very handy product that does a lot for your all over skin concerns.

The Best-Smelling Hand Cream 
Barbie by Cake--Gotta Hand it to Her Velveteen Hand Cream

Caring for your skin doesn’t stop in keeping your face clean and moisturized all the time. You have to give equal attention to every part of your body. Hand creams are especially useful in ensuring that your hard-working hands are smooth and soft all the time. This product nourishes those working hands with rich, vitamin packed ingredients of whole milk, marshmallow extract soothe as well as decadent shea and mango butters. It smells like a yummy cupcake, it would make you want to literally eat your hands! 

The Best Body Lotion 
Johnson and Johnson's Baby Lotion with Shea and Coco Butter

Baby lotion is also very helpful especially for adults who have sensitive skin. It keeps the entire body smelling fresh and hydrated all day—totally free from stickiness that you find in most ordinary body lotions in the drug store. This product is equally good for adults for it could give enough moisture, making the skin look silky and smooth like babies'. 

The Best Foot Cream
Cake Beauty CakeWalk Triplemint Foot Cream

Foot Creams give a spa-like treatment each time you slather those after a warm foot soak. Massage slowly on your feet for a good 5 minutes and put on your favourite socks for a few hours. The peppermint ingredient gives your feet a soothing, fresh and minty tingly feel. I guarantee that you will notice a total difference of how smooth and soft your feet will be after this home procedure.

The Best Deodorant
Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Deodorant

Underarms are one of the least taken care of body part that needs special attention too. It has to be kept smelling good and feeling smooth all the time to give you unlimited self-boost and confidence. The product minimizes the visual appearance of hair over time. It appears clear on the skin if not over-applied. The scents are so subtle and fresh, perfect for everyday use. 

The Best Shampoo and Conditioner: Cheap but works wonders!
Tresemme 24 Hour Body Healthy Volume Shampoo and 
Tresemme Color Revitalize Conditioner

The best shampoo and conditioner so far are from Tresseme.
The volumizing shampoo would give body, fullness and bounce after each and every wash. The conditioner for colour-treated hair is especially helpful in keeping the colour intact even after 40 washes. They’re salon-quality products for cheap. After all, they were created by top hair stylists who ventured into creating products that makes a difference.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 10 Basic Things To Do To Achieve Clear, Radiant And Flawless Skin.

I am not a dermatologist but I have gone through years of insecurities because of acne which definitely crushed my self-esteem for quite a long time. Yes, I still do experience occasional breakouts here and there once in a while but my face had definitely cleared up and I want to share a few little “secrets”in achieving a clear and radiant-looking skin.

I believe that everything starts from the basics—proper diet, hygiene, exercise and good lifestyle choices. Here are my top 10 tips to start incorporating healthy everyday choices that would greatly affect the entire appearance of your skin.

1. Drink lots of water. Six to eight glasses a day is ideal. You most probably already know that—but do you actually do it? Just try a day drinking lots of water and no sodas or any unhealthy drinks and I promise you that you would feel a whole lot better--- your skin will actually start to have more elasticity and radiance.

2. Avoid eating foods that are too oily—especially the deep fried ones. Not only are they a lot fattening but they could cause your skin to get greasy—something that could eventually cause pimples because your skin gets prone to easily absorb dirt; therefore, welcoming bacteria build-up.

3. Eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals. Nuts like almonds and peanuts are rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants. Greens like broccoli and snap peas can be delicious snacks you can munch on in between meals that are packed with nutrients. Milk every night or green tea every after meal are good and healthy diet choices. Just make sure that you are conscious of each and every food or drink that you incorporate in your body. Multivitamins that you could get over the counter would ensure that you are getting all the proper vitamins that your body needs in order to stay healthy.

4. If you pair the right diet with exercise or any enjoyable physical activity that works up every part of your body, your skin will be in perfect condition and it will rid of all the toxins that can cause irregularities in your body functioning. It could be as simple as biking or walking to the closest park rather than using your car all the time. You don't need to go to the gym, just everyday basic activities that require physical strength that you enjoy can help you get comfortable with your own skin.

5. Always maintain a good hygiene. Towels or facial cloths have to be washed every so often. I personally do not wipe my face with a towel but I use a tissue paper to wipe off my wet face because it is very sensitive. Pillow cases have to be changed as often as possible for it can also be one of the breeding grounds of bacteria if they are not cleaned for a very long time. Same thing applies with make-up and tools. Face brushes should be washed AT LEAST once a week and sponges should be gotten rid off if it's too dirty even to be washed. Toss out the old mascaras after three months. Chuck the powders or liquid/ cream foundations you have never used FOR YEARS---chances are: you will never use them again anyways because you know too well that-- that is unsanitary.

6.  Don't smoke. Period. Not at all. Occasional smokers are still smokers and I am pretty sure that you have heard of the fact that it could speed up your aging process that could cause bad skin including wrinkles even at a relatively young age. 

7. Don't over-clean your face at any given circumstance. Avoid stripping down the natural oils of the face because of too many chemicals that cleanse your skin. Too much of anything is a bad thing.  Cleanse, tone and moisturize with the right amount of products. That's all you really need. 

8. Get enough sleep every night. Sleep deprivation makes your skin look dull and tired. You need to give your skin some time to rejuvenate at its own pace. If your whole body is rested, your skin radiates the condition of your physical state.

9. If you know that your skin is sensitive, do not... and I repeat... DO NOT keep touching your face at any cost. Every contact of your not-so-clean hands could irritate your sensitive skin that can lead to instant redness or bumps.. or full-blown breakouts. 

10. Avoid masking your face with too much make-up. Clogging it up with layers and layers of unnecessary powder or foundation after you have gone through a long, sweaty, hot day outside where it had been exposed to dirt and polluted air could cause bacteria build-up. Use make-up only where you need it and apply sparingly to achieve a flawless, natural look. Oil control sheets are effective in getting rid of excess oil without layering or touching up your face with powder.